Young and dynamic... the entry phrase which can be read on lots of websites of outsourcing companies. But aren't we all young and dynamic? Let us present you Gskills.com, where nobody is too old our too young to learn and upgrade their skills. And before we forget: welcome to this website.

Placing People

Gskills.com has lots of connections with giant and small businesses. While working for these enterprises, we noticed that lots of them are looking for skilled people, with a profound education and knowledge. It's a pity that some people don't even get the chance to prove themselves because of not having the right degree or education. One of the main activities of Gskills.com is looking for the right people for the right job, so they can put the most of themselves in their work.

Sharing Skills

Since our team is already active in the world of consultancy, we decided to also give other people the chance to prove their skills too. Gskills.com will function as a platform where different people with different educations can gather and share their skills and knowledge. All projects will be followed up by the Gskills.com management. Therefore, we are designing the part of the website where our fellow members can update their profile and discuss their projects.

Updating our knowledge

After a while, each Gskills.com-member will get the chance to update his/her knowledge. Therefore, we'll invest in topical courses which will train our people to the max. Also, because of our internal follow-ups, each project can be reviewed by our members to help and teach each other new things.

Our target

Our main activities are based on Information and Communication Technology. But this doesn't mean we don't touch other fields. On the contrary, Gskills.com searches for people to place in any kind of industry.


We are also performing studies about how we can spread IT-knowledge to third-world-countries. Today's offer in opensource software can help lots of people online (even people who haven't even heard about the Internet or even a personal computer). The only cost is hardware, and for this we are looking for participating enterprises which have a basement full of unused hardware.