G-skills.com tries to give good advice to entrepreneurs... We are not perfect, but we have a wide knowledge on business, IT and organization topics


What can we do for people? We're not going to say: "...everything...", but we can support young companies with the necessary services. Most of our activities are located in the IT business, so it's obvious that we have a team strong in webdesign, development, hardware support, system installation and so on...

Study & knowledge

A good team is never complete. In our world, it's necessary to enrich your knowledge continuously. To update our capacities to the maximum, we provide courses on any field needed to our teammembers. This way, we (and of course, also our teammembers) can proudly assure the quality of our service.


Of course, we keep our customers updated about our activities and the status of the products/services they're paying for. Keeping the customer up to date is very important for us. We care about the feedback we get, so we can adapt our way of working if necessary.