Our projects

Gskills.com has is working on and has planned lots of projects. As we already explained on the other pages, our main activities are IT related. In the future, our fellow members will put their projects (finished or unfinished) online and you, as a visitor or interested businessperson, will receive a complete list and follow-up on this page.

Since we're currently busy looking for and outsourcing people with the necessary skills, we're also still developing the platform where we can manage and display our projects. Most of the projects are still in their first phase, so it's difficult to discuss them already online. And of course, it's always nicer to manage projects that have reached a certain level progress.

This doesn't mean we're hiding our projects for the moment; if you want to know more about Gskills.com, you can always send us your questions using the form on the 'Contact'-page. We'll be happy to clear things up for you.